My name is Kenneth, and I am the owner of So In Love Collections. First and foremost , I want to give God all the glory because I never had the best taste in fashion; before this day, I had no aspirations to create a clothing brand... BUT GOD. The story of So In Love Collections starts in the summer of 2023. I was in the backseat going back to a Christian camp I was serving at as a counselor to troubled youth, and the idea of creating a Christian clothing brand called So In Love Collections hit me as well as the desire to create clothes in a way that has not yet been seen before but also displays the gospel in a unique way.At first, I was definitely hesitant because, like I said, I had no business creating clothes, Christian clothes that represent Christ at that, but I realized that if God gave me the idea that it doesn't matter how unqualified you are for a position, idea, or job, it does not matter; God will qualify you if it's in his will. I tell you this story not to boast about how the brand started but to give you hope in your situation that God is still moving to this day and forever will, and also that the heart posture of this brand is not monetary gain but truly to give God glory. I can promise that the foundation of the brand will never change. Every part of the process behind the scenes is to glorify God, from praying and receiving ideas and designs for each and every garment created directly from him to thanking and praying over each and every order. This brand will never be successful because of what I and other people have contributed, but because GOD has intervened and put favor on it.Kenneth,